Mystic Roots Band – Camp Fire (Deluxe Box Set)


Mystic Roots Band – Camp Fire (Deluxe Box Set)


Track List Vol. 1:
1. Earthquake
2. I See You
3. Things To Say
4. We No Care feat. Tippa Irie & Carter Lane
5. On It feat. The Cali Kidd
6. Running feat. Marko
7. Earth Song
8. Mexico (interlude)
10. WuNuLu
11. Musica Reggae feat. The Cali Kidd
12. Things To Dub
13. Tonite feat. Mykal Rose
14. Come Over
15. Quicksand feat. Shayne T. & MJ
16. Glowing Light (interlude)
17. Camp Fire

Track List Vol. 2:

1. Tonite (feat. Mykal Rose) [Sygnal Remix]
2. Earth Song (Trowa Remix)
3. Musica Reggae (feat. The Cali Kidd) [JBeatz Remix]
4. Things To Say (Sygnal Remix)
5. On It (feat. The Cali Kidd) [JBeatz Remix]
6. Camp Fire (Slipup Remix)
7. We No Care (feat. Tippa Irie & Carter Lane) [Sygnal Remix]
8. I See You (Marko Remix)
9. Earthquake (Sygnal Remix)
10. Come Over (Rob-C Remix)
11. Running (feat. Marko) [Sygnal Remix]
12. Quicksand (feat. Shayne T & MJ) [JBeatz Remix]



Camp Fire will be a double album: CAMP & FIRE. Volume One, Camp, features 14 new songs highlighting what loyal fans all over the world have come to love about a live MRB show. Katherine Ramirez, formerly of American Idol, truly shines on this album with her enchanting melodies and songwriting. Joining her, original founding member, cootdog, adds in his “”mystic”” flavor with socially aware, clever, and positive lyrics. These two vocalists are reinforced with the band’s energetic and powerful combination of bass, drums, guitar, keys, and a full horn section. Featured appearances on the album include Grammy Award winners Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru and Tippa Irie, plus MRB family: Marko, The Cali Kidd, Shayne T, MJ, Carter Lane, and even a surprise appearance by C-Money of Slightly Stoopid on trumpet. The themes of the songs touch on all of the classic Mystic Roots history, ranging from positive messages of inspiration to love songs, celebration of natural herbs and life, and of course, the constant struggles. Tracks include: I See You, Things To Say, We No Care, WuNuLu, Earth Song (a tribute to Michael Jackson), On It (MRB’s rendition of a Bay Area hip-hop anthem), Things To Dub (a dubwise track akin to the greats of Studio One & Easy Star), and many more. The full CAMP album can be downloaded now on iTunes. Volume Two, FIRE, will feature remixes of all of the tracks on the CAMP album. These DJ/dance remixes range from EDM, Dubstep, and House to Dancehall, Trap, and Hip-Hop. The producers were specifically handpicked for their creative ability to take these Mystic Roots songs to a whole new audience. Thousands of fans at Coachella, 2013, already had the pleasure of experiencing the “”We No Care Fire remix”” by Sygnal, and DJs around the world have been leaking these songs in their sets at nightclubs and underground parties worldwide.


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